Robot Cache Indie Pipeline

GDWC and Robot Cache in collaboration present a new way to Fuel Your Indie Game!

Do you have a mind-bendingly unique game idea you’re itching to break free? Robot Cache is here to turn your vision into reality. We're looking for innovative games that capture imaginations and captivate players of all kinds.

What is the Robot Cache Indie Pipeline?

You can submit a game added to GDWC to Robot Cache for investment & partnership consideration. GDWC works closely with Robot Cache to help great indie teams get their game funded! All games submitted to the Indie Pipeline are reviewed for investment consideration.

Indie Pipeline has no effect on the Championship. You can also submit your game to the current GDWC Season.

What Robot Cache offers developers:

  • Funding: Unleash your creativity with flexible funding up to $250,000.
  • Comprehensive Support: We provide marketing expertise, PR assistance, and access to our experienced game dev network.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure a polished experience with QA support from our in-house team.
  • Platform Launch: Reach a growing gamer audience by launching on an established PC gaming platform with featured product placement.
  • Social Media Boost: Gain traction with targeted promotion of your game across our social media channels.

What Robot Cache is looking for:

  • Innovative games that capture imaginations and captivate players of all kinds.
  • Games coming to PC: PC version of the submitted game is required to be available, in development, or planned for release. Additional platforms (Mobile, Consoles) are not an issue.
  • Games targeting to ship Early Access in 8 months or less, or version 1.0 Release within 18 months or less are preferred.

How do I submit my game?

  1. Register a free account with GDWC and add your Team.
  2. Submit your Game to GDWC. You can either submit your game to compete in the current GDWC Season, or you can add your game without participating in the Championship.
  3. Fill out the Robot Cache Indie Pipeline form.
  4. That's it!

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