The Devil's Calculator

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The Devil's Calculator is an educational game posing as an addictive puzzle game. The first 20+ levels are free to all. Advanced graphing mechanics, countless features and simple, yet innovative level design provide considerable depth to the game play. Each level requires deciphering the function of a mysterious operator and using it to calculate the number of the beast, 666, to progress. The player doesn't have to be a math prodigy; the game engages logical thinking skills. Featuring a level maker for players to program their own brain-teasers for the community, challenges can also be submitted for review by our team without the need for coding. We are using the Devil's Calculator to spread math appreciation and excitement. Our game was endorsed by James Tanton of the Global Math Project and is completely free to educators and students. (Available for iOS, Android and Steam)

Categories: Hobby
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
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