Project Grove

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Playable Prologue OUT in Feb 2021!

An elegant puzzle exploration game: Solve spatial conundrums using your pocket knife robot companion!

Follow ageing Alchemist Edric and his portable platform L-P1N on their journey to locate the mythical Grove, in hope of finding a cure to the Empire's pandemic: the Great Rot.

In this bombastic exploration puzzler you navigate dangerous terrain, experiment with exotic flora and harness powerful alchemic abilities through brewing potions. With non-linear puzzles, carve your own path and uncover the secrets of the Grove using your desired brand of alchemy.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020

Antler Studios

Indie developer currently producing Project Grove, Kickstarter backed game in 2020!

Country: United Kingdom
Members: 5

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