OMEGA: The Beginning

Game info

OMEGA: THE BEGINNING, an interactive episodic tale on the delicate subject of friendship, starts with the turbulent story of young Teni, a spirited teenager with a passion for murals who lost his right leg in a road accident. Though the result of unfortunate chance, this will make you feel profoundly duty-bound. It will be up to you to look after Teni and to indulge his requests. The plot of an intense friendship will unravel on screen, leading to a totally unexpected epilogue.

Category: Pro
Platform: PC
Status: Unreleased

Monkeys Tales Studio

Monkeys Tales Studio is a small indipendent team of video game developers based in Bologna (Italy). We love good tales and we want to share our favourite stories with you using the tools we know best. In 2015, we published our first PC game, The NADI Project, and in 2016 we published our second PC game, PROTOThYPE _ a love story, which are both available on STEAM store.

Country: Italy
Members: 2