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When you launch Jei VR, you will immediately find yourself in the heat of battle. Your battle zone is the crossroads of a city formerly owned by civilians and now by WorldDynamics inc.You are surrounded and locked in a tight space with no escape.

Corporation robots will attack in waves. With each new wave, the strength of robots and their number will only increase. WorldDynamics inc. will place enemies in different locations. They can materialize in front of your face or around the corner, attacking later, causing devastating damage.

Take care of your health, because robots are strong. To take a break, you can use a shield or just hide for a while. But remember! The shield is not infinite, it has energy, so use it wisely.

You will receive a machine gun on first boot. But fighting them alone would be pretty boring. So where can you get new weapons and cartridges for the old? You just need to break the containers that remain after killing robots. Take different weapons in different hands and clear the intersection from bots by opening fire with two hands. Let's hope you unlock the entire armory.

But don't worry, you will be taught all this at the resistance training ground!

If your competitive spirit is so strong that you want to defeat not only robots, but also defeat all your friends, then welcome to Party mode, designed for 4 players.

The Resistance believes in you!

Genre: Action, Shooter
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows Oculus, SteamVR
Status: Released
Year: 2021


Country: Russia
Members: 4

Contest entries 2021

Pro PC Game of the Year
Best VR Game

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