Flipping Filip

Game info

Flipping Filip is a highly stylized puzzle-adventure game with fully hand-drawn animations. The game follows the story of Filip, a depressed middle-aged man who is suffering from a very strange disorder. He has a superhero inside him, and a sneeze is all it takes for Filip to unwillingly turn into a superhero! Filip struggles to get rid of his other side, so he can peacefully live his lonely life. The art style is inspired by eastern European animations like Pampalini łowca zwierząt, Mr. Hiccup (Italian/ Swiss series), Professor Balthazar (Croatian series) and so. Some cartoonists have influenced the art style also. I can name Sempe (Jean-Jacques), Quino (Joaquin Lavado) and Bruno Bozzetto as well.

Category: Pro
Platform: PC, Console
Status: Unreleased
Link: mediafire.com

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