Winterlore Chapter II

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There's a new obstacle in Moroi Springs. What is it this time around?

Follow the story of Ozana and her new found powers. The traditions she knew inside out bring a new meaning to her way of life and to Mamaie's customs. She'll mend herbs, brew concoctions and cook sweets for the solstice feast. Along the way she'll encounter guests bringing in new beginnings, while others appear uninvited into the home.

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Mac Android, iOS
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Moroi Springs

Moroi Springs is a game universe that comes to life through a series of folkloric adventures. The first game in the series is Winterlore. The story behind it was inspired by the types of tales our grandmas used to recite. It follows young Ozana through her coming of age journey. Soon to be discovered, the region of Moroi Springs hides more mysteries. Players use their wits to unravel the stories of mythical creatures living among unsuspecting townsfolk. The adventures will unfold over time, like a TV series, showing more and more of the world. Our aim is to resurface the connecting thread of rituals, tales and beliefs, that transcend generations and regions.

The name is made up by associating 2 words: Moroi - a type of Balkan vampire - and Springs - the point where water overflows to the surface.


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