Dungeon Service

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There are thousands of adventurers out there eager to enter a dungeon and test their strength, slay an enemy or two and collect some treasure. Did you ever stop to wonder who prepares the dungeons for these adventurers?
'Dungeon Service' is one of the top companies taking care of lighting the candles, sweeping the floors and making it overall cozy for the next adventurer. You play as one of their staff, a demon condemned for eternity to clean and prepare the dirty dungeons for the next adventurer.

This is a game about the other side of the Dungeon.

This is a non-violent game.

p.s. This was made for the UE4 Spring Jam over a weekend with the theme "Other Side of The Coin"

Made for Xbox Controller in mind...

(...but playable on Keyboard/Mouse as last resort if needed WASD to move, R to equip the Mop, T to equip the Torch, E to Interact & Hold Left Mouse Button to use the mop.)

Category: Hobby, Game Jam
Platforms: PC
Status: Beta
Year: 2019
Link: connecta.itch.io

Unreal Fanbois

A team of two made for the UE4 Spring Jam, 2019.

Country: Sweden
Members: 2

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