PROJECT D : Human Risen

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Project D: Human Risen is a multiplayer survival game with many islands to explore, build unique vehicles, and survive where players are the last human on earth. Each island will have it own biome and weather. Player will also face many life threatening encountered like mutated plant and animal, extreme weather, wild animal, and deadly disease.


The year is 2022, earth hit by terror of extinction, a new virus called D-VIRUS spread fast enough to trigger human extinction. To prevent human extinction, researchers from all over the world gathered to find solution, after a long discussion, they name their project as Doomsday Project. This project have purpose to save humanity by trained people who have potential to survive by teach them basic survival in that matter. The scientist will also build a time-capsule for these survival candidate in hope they'll have some time to let the virus goes down after a few years when they're sleeping in the time-capsule.

But, in 2023, this project leaked to public, causing panic in the world, people demand a mass production of this so called time-capsule. Due to the minimal amount of resources they have to build this time-capsule, the scientist decide to move this project to an island away from civilization.

Will they survive? Will these people save the world? What's exactly this virus is? Is this virus will bring death to our planet earth?

Platforms: PC
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