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An ominous surreal first-person adventure full of dangerous monsters and secrets of the deceased world. Go alone (or with a friend) to find the girl who destroyed the world.

We present to you the Noch - a mystical adventure in a constantly collapsing world.
The game is in early access and we are releasing chapter by chapter. A total of 4 full chapters are planned to be released. Players can now access Chapters 1 and 2 in full, as well as half of Chapter 3 (Part 3:1).

Imagine… Night. You're in a car, lost among endless forest on a highway. Perhaps you will desperately try to escape... Try not to lose hope. You were in hurry to get somewhere. But does it matter now?

- A deeply thought-out world set in a surreal apocalypse for the most sophisticated seekers of truth.
- A staged story adventure combining elements of action and puzzles!
- Dangerous enemies and bosses.
- Full co-op mode for 2 players - fight and solve secrets together.
- A unique system of interaction with game objects.
- Special abilities and mini-games that help to uncover the secrets of the surrounding world.
- The ability to use weapons and brute physical force to overcome obstacles.

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore, Drug Use
Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer, Co-Operative, Real-Time Multiplayer
Themes:Fantasy, Horror
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early Access, 2023
Game Link:

Fair Games Studio

We are a small indie studio with an international team. The studio was founded in 2017, and during this time we have gone through a long way of ups and downs, our team has been changing, but all this time we have always tried to make story games without loot boxes and free2play.

Our portfolio already has 4 projects under release and 1 project in development. Now we are developing an adventure thriller with horror elements - Noch, a sinister surreal adventure full of dangerous monsters and secrets of the lost world. The player will have to go alone (or with a friend) in search of the girl who destroyed the world.

Team Page:fairgamesstudio

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