The Twins' Experiment

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The Twins' Experiment is a platform adventure game. You play as Object 62473 which is the name of a teenage twin who is participating in an experiment. Dr. Mengell, the villain of the story, sends object 62473 into a dream world of his mind in order to guide him to his hidden brother. The hidden brother, the other twin, is the key to ensuring that Dr. Mengell can complete his experiment.
This first chapter of the game develops into twelve levels where Object 62473 is called to find the release, the release of his dreamworld. As the player tries to reveal the story, he will enjoy superb original graphics in 4k resolution throughout the dream world of the object 62473. He must keep Object 62473 alive and help him escape from his enemies in order to find its way out.

Platforms: Windows
Status: Released
Year: 2021

Haris Periorellis

Hello! I am Haris Periorellis. I am a painter & digital artist based in Athens, Greece, working on video game art, background, character designs & animations, concept art and illustration.

P Indie Games a new video game development company in Athens from 2020. The journey began in the 80's with an Amstrad CPC 64. The excitement of the first platform and adventure games we played remains with us to this day. So we decided to use it as a starting point and continue the journey, not just as gamers but as game developers too. We are fueled by our love for great entertainment, fantastic graphics and riveting stories. We worked hard to bring our vision to life in order to create a one of a kind gaming experience. As a rule of thumb, we agreed not to publish anything "less than great".

Country: Greece
Members: 1

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