Lucy Dreaming

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Lucy is a young girl with a sharp wit and a recurring nightmare! Adventure between dreams and reality to explore strange environments, colourful characters and unique puzzles in this pixel-art point & click adventure inspired by the 90s classics.

Can you unlock the secrets of dream control and discover the disturbing truth behind Lucy's nightmares before it's too late? Take a brave step into the terrifying world of suburban, middle class Britain to help Lucy unearth the secrets of her disturbing dreams - but beware, her subconscious is a rabbit hole laced with intrigue, adventure and a cast of extraordinary creatures.

The demo for Lucy Dreaming is a prequel containing unique puzzles that differ from those in the full game, to give players a taste of the characters and gameplay without any spoilers.

• Explore rich environments with an abundance of witty retorts to almost everything you can point your cursor at.
• Subtitles in German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
• Reveal hidden Easter eggs and pop culture references.
• Enjoy the distinctive and beautifully realised voice acting (English)
• Travel instantly between scenes with a double-click.
• Having trouble? Just hit the space bar to get a sneaky peek of each scene's hotspots.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Point and click
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Unreleased, 2022
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Tall Story Games

Tall Story Games is an independent games studio specialising in narrative-driven games with a strong focus on engaging stories, well-developed characters and above all a good sense of humour.

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Country:United Kingdom

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