Space Pioneer

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The universe is a dangerous place - and you're on cleaning duty. Explore the galaxy as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Discover new planets, chart incredible worlds and discover ancient secrets. From cybernetic arachnids to venomous hornets, face-off against massive bosses, each with unique offensive and defensive capabilities. Use the latest hi-tech weapons and skills to crush your enemies and earn loot to unlock awesome new gear and upgrades. Lock and load! In update 1.8.0 Multiplayer was added to the game. Now you can play with other players in co-op or Free-for-all deathmatch modes. You an also choose one of three new classes: The Light, The Heavy and The Standard. Now Space Pioneer is more fun than ever!
Game is available at Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon appstore and Bemobi platform.

Category: Pro
Platforms: iOS, Android
Status: Released
Year: 2019

Space Pioneer

Members: 12

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