Star Squadron: Student Driver

Game info

In simple terms, the game is a space shooter where your only real weapon is a canon that shoots ping pong balls. You can eliminate enemies but only in a passive-aggressive way. The underpowered knife-to-a-gun-fight nature of the combat combined with zero-G controls make for a challenging game. Race across 15 levels in 5 distinct environments. Survive, and you just might earn your license.

As the title would imply, it's not a game to be taken seriously. The story imagines a character committed to joining an elite spacefaring defense force only to find that incompetence and bureaucracy has placed them in mortal peril. The instructors are more concerned about the player scratching their training craft than about preventing their inevitable demise.

Genre: Action, Racing, Shooter
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Status: Released
Year: 2021

Mark Arenz

Solo developer

Country: USA
Members: 1

Contest entries 2021

Hobby Game of the Year

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