Origami Lovers

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Origami Lovers is a casual to midcore Jump'n'Run/Platformer set in a cardboard and paper world. Overcome obstacles and courses while collecting different abilites that will help you navigate through the level.

Origami Lovers is about finding your origami friend after stranding on an island. On the way there, you will need to explore and traverse the island that is ahead of you. You will have to find new origami figurines, that you can shapeshift into and use their abilities in the level. In addition, there are optional explorational challenges like crowns hidden throughout the world that you can collect. There's a timer running in the background, so all your stats can be seen under the highscore tab. There your time, collected crowns and deaths in ur last or best runs are displayed. Players can take their time to explore the level and try to collect all available crowns or try to speedrun the level, origami lovers is suitable for multiple play styles. The difficulty level and speedrunner nature of the game is comparable to ALTF4 where as the abilites and look of the game is reminiscent to Super Mario Odysee and Little Big Planet.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Adventure, Platformer, Jump'n'Run
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Status: Unreleased, 2023
Game Link: loneflowergames.com
Trailers: youtube.com

Lone Flower Games

Lone Flower Games is a Start Up with a diverse team of four, based out of Cologne, Germany. While working on family-friendly, casual entertainment-software we are also developing serious games for the education sector. We want to offer low-threshold educational serious games to inform and engage young people to serious topics such as global sustainability. Our strategy aims to blend satisfying, fun gameplay with a serious, underlying message to create a new kind of game for the classroom.

Team Page:LoneFlowerGames

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