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Presented as a classic JRPG inspired by the 16bit era, Terrorbane is a tongue-in-cheek adventure telling the story of an arrogant developer at his first videogame project, eager to make YOU, the player, his unfortunate test subject: challenged to face a great variety of bugs and glitches while enduring sloppy storyline and broken gameplay.

The Developer will be a constant presence, guiding and bothering the player throughout the game, creating fun and unpredictable events.

The player will record all bugs, glitches and errors in his personal bug list, much to our Dev's dismay, trying to "collect" them all.

Terrorbane encourages multiple playtroughs, allowing the player to experience many, random, totally different situations.

The game makes fun of both old-school and contemporary gaming, with quotes, nods and references from many milestone titles.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC, Console
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2019
Link: terrorbane.com

BitNine Studio

BitNine Studio is a game development team founded in 2014 by two gaming and videogame
making enthusiasts: Luca Spazzoli, Lead Developer and Matteo Leoni, Art Director.

Choosing to focus over the mobile market for its first official effort, in May 2015 the team began to work over Landit - Space Lander, a funny and ironic remake of the classic 80's game "Lunar Lander". The title is available on Google play and is being supported with updates to expand its gameplay and content. The second title by BitNine Studio, NinjAh!, also belongs to the mobile market and is currently still in development. NinjAh! is a funny arcade game inspired by a minigame found in a classic
Commodore 64 title.

After its first experiences in mobile gaming, and following the addition of Andrea Leoni, Story Writer, to the original team composition, BitNine Studio decided to begin working over its first standalone project for desktop platforms, Terrorbane.

Country: Italy
Members: 3

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