Deeply Dark

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Deeply Dark is a surprising combination of survival horror and roguelite mechanics made by two brothers. Try to survive an ancient curse that will be haunting you.
Explore the forest, you should use and combine objects to find a way to stop the curse. Equip yourself with artifacts and upgrade your equipment to face enemies in the Oneiric Plane.

Genre: Adventure, Crafting, Horror, Survival, Roguelike
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early access
Year: 2021


DALESI is an Argentinian independent videogame Studio created in 2016 by two brothers:
Daniel Simons (1993) and Diego Simons (1997).

With absent parents and living in a humble neighborhood that was consumed by drugs and violence,
these two brothers found in videogames a passion to dedicate their lives to.
After their mother's suicide, having no money and few tools they could finance their first work:
''Bildo: The colours of life'' through crowdfunding.

Using their lives as inspiration, the brothers transmit a deep message of resilience in their works,
looking to challenge their players to adapt positively to adverse situations that arise.

Country: Argentina
Members: 2

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