Children Of The Eclipse

Game info

Merge with a friend or AI into a unit of uncontrollable fury to overcome obstacles and destroy otherwise indestructible enemies. You wouldn't want to further piss off the lava-eating Earth Squid by shooting it with an overheated plasma grenade, would you?! Pick your weapons wisely, as enemies may react in surprising ways depending on what you throw at them.

Chase down Rogue General, the most notorious science-criminal on the planet, who is planning to build an immortal army of space-faring zombie aliens and disrupt life in this upbeat utopian world. With singing Teleportation Stones and mutant-generating stem cell viruses, nothing is outside the realm of possibility in the sci-fi fantasy craziness of the O-Universe.

Explore a sprawling world with funky characters and events ranging from esoteric to scientific. Four distinct and dynamically evolving environments, all with their own soundtrack and enemy types. At the center of each environment lies a stupa-like open world Hub that offers side quests, wild parties, and opportunities for exploration - enabling you to unlock unique weapons, gameplay features, and characters.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC, Console
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020

Nutfarm Games

Nutfarm is not a studio full of grey-bearded veterans. Instead of a huge games background, the team brings years of experience from enterprise software, web/app design, art, and entrepreneurship. Fed up with the compromises of the B2B world, the team decided to push their creative vision without limits. With lessons learned, driven by a systematic project-based mindset, Nutfarm can deliver high-quality work that punches well above its weight class.

Off the wall creativity has been forged into their backbone through art projects ranging from experimental music to short-form video and even abstract furniture design… but what makes Nutfarm genuinely stand out is the arts prowess perfectly balanced with an entrepreneurial spirit, further bolstered by technical know-how from years of agile software projects. Equally talented in arts, code, and business, the team is ready to take the games industry by storm. Nutfarm does not lack ambition, attitude, or determination.

Country: Finland
Members: 5

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