Almost There: The Platformer

Game info

A new way to play platforming game with just one finger!

Almost There is a minimalist 2d hardcore platformer game where you can run, jump, long jump, climb, slide and do more with full precision. No it's not an auto runner. Here you have full control of your player. And the game lets you do all these with it's innovative swiping control with just one finger.

Here you will run and dodge across spikes, saw blades, lasers, homing missiles and a lot of other hazards to reach your goal to beat your own record.

● A minimalist hardcore platformer game for mobile devices with no compromises
● One finger innovative control
● 150+ Unique handcrafted levels
● 3 Distinctive worlds with it's own theme and hazards
● Dodge and run through spikes, saw blade, lasers, missiles etc to reach your goal
● Easy to learn hard to master levels
● Hard but fair gameplay
● Record your run to share online with your friend or on Everyplay

Category: Pro
Platforms: iOS
Status: Released
Year: 2018

Durdanto Studio

Durdanto Studio is a Bangladeshi based indie game development studio founded by Bony Yousuf.

Country: Bangladesh
Members: 1