The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1

Game info

"The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1" is puzzle/mystery/adventure game (type of "Escape Room") with story behind. It's very small part of the whole story. Every time when you press "New Game" button, most of the items that you need to collect are randomly positioned, and combinations for puzzles are randomly generated.

This story is about 38 years old police detective for disappeared people, Brian Fisher. 20 years ago, his father, who was space and Astro-physic scientist, disappeared under suspicious circumstances. After 5 months of his disappearance, he was pronounced dead, but his body was never found. This case was the reason Brian Fisher became a detective for disappeared people.

Your main goal in the first chapter is to find a way to escape from the cabin that some unknown man kidnapped you and put in the cabin.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC
Status: Released
Year: 2020


Gaming company that work on his own game "The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher"

Country: Macedonia
Members: 1

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