Freddy Spaghetti 2.0

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Meet Freddy. Freddy is spaghetti. Oh, and conscious.
Follow along Freddy's story as you plunge head first into challenges and obstacles.

My name is Dr P Starr.
However, nowadays everyone just calls me Dr Pasta.
Long story short, I made a piece of spaghetti conscious using a machine that I had invented.
It turned out to be quite the adventure that would follow.

Physics is at the heart of the game.Freddy uses rope physics to simulate a squishy, stretchy, ropey character.
Levels are short and sweet with each offering something unique.
Walk, Run, Jump, Slide, Slap, Smash, Kick, Dodge and Epic Fail your way to the Goal.
Avoid traps while knocking down the objectives.
Overcome the environment, master your spaghetti!

Use Mouse or Gamepad.Point in a direction.
Left Click to Jump with left leg.
Right Click to Jump with right leg.
Left. Right. Left. Right.
Hold button to charge jump.

- Fun and Easy Controls- Physics all over the place
- Unique Levels
- Hilarious and Captivating Story
- Professional Narration
- Heaps of Personality

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020

Playful Pasta

I'm a solo indie game dev making use of assets I buy online as well as voice acting talent from fiverr.

Country: South Africa
Members: 1

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