Under the bed

Game info

Under the bed is a 2D narrative adventure about pausing in video games. But it is also about you finding your way, groping. About this fear of the dark we have all known and that some of you may still encounter today. You play a child waking up in her/his bedroom, plunged in absolute darkness. No luck, it's impossible to get back to sleep. Through the eyes of this child and her/his imagination, what should be a simple, but slightly scary walk through the house might quickly turn into a nightmare. The principle is simple : You move in the dark and you can only see what is around you when the game is paused. Be aware, it's not a platformer with holes to be avoided everywhere. You'll need to observe, memorize and think in order to resolve simple puzzles.

Category: Hobby
Platform: PC, Web
Status: Released
Link: khamelot.itch.io


Country: France
Members: 1