Epic Snowday Adventure

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Every kid in your neighborhood has gone nuts. Only you can restore order by DESTROYING YOUR NEIGHBORS WITH SNOWBALLS. They'll thank you for it later. Really, they challenged you. It's not YOUR fault this is happening. And they'd have to be crazy to challenge YOU of all people. You're the best! But be careful, your neighbors are clearly cheaters, have special abilities, and love to gang up on you... because you're the best. This will be a snowball fight of EPIC proportions. But you can build, like, the biggest snowballs ever... and make little snowmen. You'll be fine! Just don't get too cold. Your mom will make you come inside if you get too cold. Ugh... she's terrible. Time to play Epic Snowday Adventure: the most family friendly "first person shooter" you'll ever play.

Category: Pro
Platform: PC
Status: Beta
Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailer: store.steampowered.com

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