Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury

Game info

A Co-op and PvP vehicular combat game with RPG upgrade system and fully destructible world. You can control both land and sea vehicles or even a Mecha, which can be combined with 4 drivers to create different classes to fight a fast paced battle with monstrous tanks, trains and battle cruisers!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer, Local multiplayer
Platforms: Windows Xbox One
Status: Released
Year: 2021
Link: store.steampowered.com

Phung Games

Brothers who worked on Banjo-Kazooie at Rare Ltd, now become indie. We present Jump Step Step and Tank Brawl 2

Country: Vietnam
Members: 2

Contest entries 2021

Pro PC Game of the Year
Pro Console Game of the Year

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