Cyborgs Attack

Game info

Cyborgs Attack is a fun, futuristic tower defense game. You can build and upgrade your towers which consist of both offensive and utility towers. Each tower has 3 levels upgrades available to them. Place your towers in grid locations to help defend from the enemy forces moving towards there goal. The game includes mazing and objective path finding, some maps have multiple paths which includes both land and air-based pathing. There are also many achievements available to be awarded during game play. Once a map is completed, additional difficulties are available to play with their own challenges.

Category: Pro
Platforms: PC
Status: Released
Year: 2020


I created JBWGAMES LLC this year so that I could step into the marketplace to submit games that I make, my first game on the marketplace is on Steam, which is Cyborgs Attack, I have many more to make.

Country: USA
Members: 1