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Follow the story of Mina in her struggle to move on from the past that haunts her since these past two years. She lost someone dear to her, and blamed herself for it. And now, on Valentine's Day, she meets Taku, a waiter who introduced her to a cafe named EDDA. Dragged by her little curiosity and her friend's compulsion, she finds out that through the magic in that cafe, she was given a second chance to relieve her past.

Will it save her heart? Will she move forward or stay in the past?

Genre: Interactive Fiction, Visual Novel
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Android
Status: Released
Year: 2021
Link: mushroomallow.itch.io

Mushroomallow Studio

A bunch of mushrooms making visual novel for fun.

Country: Indonesia
Members: 4

Contest entries 2021

Mobile Game of the year
Best Game Jam Game

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