The Wordland Scape

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People with autism spectrum disorder, especially children, usually show difficulties in the communication and understanding of emotions. In fact, it is a condition that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others, having the communicative, emotional and symbolic development disturbed, causing problems in social interaction and communication.

However, it is known that playing is an effective means that contributes to the development of those abilities in cases of autism. That's why we created this video game.

There has been a flight of words in the country of Wordland. Those words are hidden in different places outskirts. The kid must find them and classify them by semantic field so that the words can return to their hometown: Colourville, Feelingstown, Animalville and Foodtown.

The main function of the game is to find the words and identify their meaning, helping autistic children to work on perception and logic, becoming familiar with terms about emotions and relating them to their meaning.

Category: Hobby, Game Jam
Platforms: PC, Android, Web, Other
Status: Released
Year: 2020

Digital Monster Collective

Indie game and animation studio from Galicia (Spain)

Country: Spain
Members: 4

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