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It's not over! It's never over! As long as there's a beat flowing, we will keep on grooooooooovying, baby! Help T. Maia, the Grooviest mf* of all time, to keep boogie alive by saving Groovyana Boogiensis, the last root of all groovy!

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move acording to the beat and interact with objects. Use SpaceBar to drop the plant, if needed! Keep the plant alive during the whole duration of the song to win!

Category: Hobby, Game Jam
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020

Mad Pixel

Mad Pixel is an indie game developer from Brasilia. Founded in November 2014, the group aims to bring to the public the simple and innovative experiences of the mechanics of independent games and, of course, to try to take over the world.

Acting on 4 fronts, entertainment, education, events and advertising, Mad Pixel has a prominence in the market, working with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and biofeedback mechanisms.

Country: Brazil
Members: 3

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