Big Fish

Game info

The world is nothing but a forgotten graveyard and you are nothing but a Tadpole, small and helpless. You must grow into a terrifying creature of the deep and reverse what's been done.

- The fluid movement, changing atmosphere, and natural growth of the world makes this game feel enticing and inspires curiosity in the player's heart.

- Big Fish has a number of advanced movement mechanics so the player can learn the game in a natural way and even carve new routes just by getting better.

-The enemies change as time goes on and depending on how the player interacts with the world.

- Partial procedural generation will make the world feel a little different every time it is traversed, while still allowing the Tadpole to learn it's surroundings.

Genres: Action, Adventure
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Status:Early access
Game Link:


As soon as people accept that what they're making isn't what they intend on making they are being artists and it forces them to live in the present. Constantly creating and accepting and creating again.


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