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Tower is a top-down action game with adventure and puzzle elements. Fight out of a skyscraper full of terrorists. Find out what one motivated person can do against hundreds of thugs. Game features: Vertical travel - the skyscraper is very high and you have to overcome many floors before you leave the building; Many enemies - the building is filled with enemies, and there are very few allies and safe places, besides, they are hunting for you, do not let enemies drive you into a corner; Puzzles - there will be tasks on your way that cannot be solved with weapons, be prepared for this. Perhaps some of the things that are lying around on the level can help you with this; Platforms - there are a lot of places in the skyscraper to fall from. Be careful; Inventory - prepare bigger pockets to fit more items; Interaction - in a skyscraper there are not only doors that need to be opened, but also many objects with which you need to interact; Variability - problems encountered on the way can be solved in several ways. Find a convenient one for yourself.

Platforms: PC
Status:Early access
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