Dodge & Pursuit

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Dodge & Pursuit is a fast-paced multi-themed 2x2 team clash strategy game! Your goal is to reach the enemy base while protecting yours. Each player has its own setup of speed, attack, and powers! It is your job to develop the best strategy to win on each map. Think fast and choose your movements wisely. Dodge the enemies or pursue them!

- 10 different maps with 4 types of difficulties!
- 90 stars, 30 medals, and 10 trophies to collect!
- Soccer, Tanks, Spaceships, Pirates, Pong, Pool, Dungeon, UFO, Ice Hockey, and Chess!
- Awesome uplifting beats to listen to during gameplay!

Genre: Action, Sports, Strategy
Players: Single player
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Released
Year: 2021

Joao Marcos

Solo indie developer taking his chances here

Country: Brazil
Members: 1

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