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Anime Mecha Action game, collect robot maids and hunt down giant bosses, all voiced by noteworthy anime, game and film VAs.

Build Robot Maids to battle massive robots! Try to contain the massive invasion as you unveil a dark story of revenge. Go to the Wagie Cage, where Wagie(that's her name) will build them for you. The Maidbots are voiced by professional Anime dub, videogame and TV/Film VAs.


-Maidbots: These wonderful Robot-Maids will help you during city exploration! Collect them on the Maidbot Archive.
-Voice Acting: The Maidbots are voiced by professional Anime, TV/film and game VAs.
-Story: Cutscenes in a graphic novel format with lots and lots of illustrations.
-Mech Action Shooter: Explore a city full of enemies and bosses, hunt them down to craft your Maidbots.
-Stealth Missions: Use various tools and avoid threats to sneak into places.
-Chatty characters: A main hub with a bunch of characters with personalities that range from decent to very weird.
-Webtoon: Official Manga that you can read for free online.
-Community Driven Maidbot Production: You vote for your favorites, and suggest your own design ideas, I'll develop the game listening to those.
-Special events and skins -NEW-: IF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE OF AN AD, scroll down to find out!

8 years have passed after Arris Fern's bloodthirsty revenge, as consequence of her actions, a bio-mechanical organism known as the Biokernel begins to devastate the planet, the story follows Arris' story trying to fix things as she avoids falling for her old habits, this time in the receiving end of vengeance.Arris then finds Hex Reader, a former enemy who's now on a very similar path, they join forces to try and stop the bloodshed and solve a crime.
Playing Vindictive Drive 1 is not required to understand the plot.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Categories: GDWC 2024 Summer
Genres: Action, Shooter
Players: Single player
Themes:Sci-Fi, Anime, Noir
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early Access, 2024
Game Link:

Bokensha Studio

Independent game studio from Uruguay, now serving Vindictive Drive 2: MAIDBOT ARCHIVE

Team Page:bokensha

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