Gourmet Legacy - A Family Business

Game info

"Gourmet Legacy" is a Roguelite/ Hack-n-Slash RPG with cookery simulation-styled mini games and restaurant management in 3D bird-eye view. In 10 words: "Hunt ingredients and cook them all in the family restaurant." There are 4 distinct elements that take part in the gameplay and they are: - Wonder Chef's have to hunt fantastic beasts (called Ingredibeast), harvest improbable flora (called Veggiemals) as part of your ingredient collection - - Find the real value of every ingredient by preparing yourself custom recipes to insert in your restaurant's menu and increase your gourmet value - - Expand your traveling restaurant with bigger and cooler rare beasts of burden, fancy furnishings and high quality courses - - Death as a part of the game: genetic traits, equipment and the restaurant itself passed on as an inheritance, gameplay after gameplay, to your heir -

Category: Pro
Platform: PC
Status: Unreleased
Link: redkoibox.itch.io

Red Koi Box

We are Red Koi Box, founded in 2017 in Brescia (Italy) by two game enthusiasts entrepreneurs with 13 years of experience in software development, with the goal to begin a growth path in the European game industry. Our target is to develop top notch quality games for high end gaming devices, exploiting the best technologies available on the market. Our team is formed by dedicated developers, designers, artists, programmers, and gaming enthusiasts. Here at Red Koi Box, we follow a simple rule: take pride in delivering polished experiences and quality services. To us, whether it's part of our projects, client's request or promotional prototyping, every project we partake is of utmost importance. Years of experience give us the ability to switch easily between technologies, platforms and tools. Each project is cared for meticulously thanks to the use of the most suitable and tested practice. Formed by internal and external staff, our team is comprised by devoted professionals with talent, experience and expertise.

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