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A post-cyberpunk strategy game combining Solo, Co-Op, Competitive PVP and PVPVE gameplay into a narrative-driven whole. Go on an epic journey to discover the secrets of the NeuroNet, the city and the Factions fighting for its control. Customise, adapt and defeat. You are NeuroSlicers.

Platforms: PC, Console
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Dream Harvest

At Dream Harvest, we're building thought-provoking narrative experiences wrapped in deep strategic gameplay. We aim to challenge genre norms by pushing mechanics in new directions and offering our players new experiences that get them thinking in new ways. We are a multiplatform studio developing premium games across PC, Consoles and Mobile.

Dream Harvest is made up of a highly experienced team, with half being Creative Assembly senior alumni, having worked across the Total War Franchise, from early games all the way up to the latest Total War: Warhammer 3.

Other team members have worked on projects and games such as Riots' Arcane animation series, The Witcher 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Broken Sword 5, Fable 2 & 3, among many others and have worked at companies & studios like Ubisoft, Fortiche, Disney, SIDE and OMUK.

Our first title, *NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy*, tells the story of a city-management AI discovering its humanity in a world losing theirs to technology.

Our next title, which is currently in pre-production, is a turn-based tactical RPG set within a grimdark Victorian London and combines elements of Xcom, Monster Hunter, Bloodborne and This War Of Mine.

Country:United Kingdom

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