Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

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"Dr Livingstone, I Presume?" is a single-player, first-person puzzle game, filled with riddles to solve under scorching African sun in XIX century.
Player becomes a historical figure, 19th-century journalist Henry Stanley. He was sent to Africa in order to locate a doctor David Livingstone. Precisely on the 10th of November 1871, Henry arrives in Ujiji where he expects to find the missing traveller.

Our unique selling points are: sensuously brain-teasing riddles, Strange House concept, chance to follow the footsteps of an explorer who changed our perception of Africa, countless historical references, stylized and memorable graphic design. Support us and vote for us!

Genres: Puzzle
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Game Link: store.steampowered.com


The studio is led by Kamil Mówiński who is an experienced programmer and team leader. With Dr Livingstone, I presume? we were selected as a participant of Digital Dragons Incubator. During which we had an opportunity to gather feedback from leading polish companies like CD Project, 11 Bit Studios or Flying Wild Hog.

Our team members are experienced. They used to work for companies like Techland, CD-Action, VG24, PSsite or in the film industry.

We possess strong knowledge and experience of working with Unreal Engine 4 which we gladly share. As Vulpesoft we organize UE workshops and we supports both community and other businesses with our expertise.


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