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Experience the dark and gory world of Light On Light Off Game

About the Game :

- Light On Light Off is a Puzzle Adventure Game

- Are you prepared to take on one of the hardest games out there?

- Experience the dark and gory world of Light On Light Off and be one of the first to discover what it's about, And also to find a certain SURPRISE that awaits whoever manages to finish it first.

What Light On Light Off has to offer:

Missions - There are lots of missions to get done

Characters - The MC is "Rondo", however there are many other characters waiting for you to unlock and play with

Skills - To complete the levels you will need skills to help you, so make sure to acquire as many as you can and you can upgrade them as you see fit

Worlds - The game currently features 4 different worlds with 10 levels each that you need to clear to get to the hardest of them all

Deadly Maze - Trust Nothing, Even the walls are deadly, so be extra careful if you want to succeed

Dark World - Everything is pitch black, nothing can save you from the darkness except your own skills

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Commercial:Game has Ads
Genres: Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Players: Single player, Player vs Environment
Themes:Fantasy, Horror
Platforms: Mobile
Platforms: Android
Status: Released, 2022
Status: Released, 2022
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