Golem Rage

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Discover an indie original tale! A moving story about a lovable Golem, in a cartoon universe with bad puns... And good punches. Golem Rage is a fast paced Beat-Them-All/Runner, consisting in more or less bashing everything that stands in your way! 'Cause you're a wooden Golem, half stupid, half warmachine, but fully lovable. You don't know why you were created, and now you're just looking for a place feeling like home. Why is there an army trying to stop you ? Meh. Doesn't matter. The only objective : finish the level and escape ! The game contains 54 levels accross 7 environments, from a Castle, to Cliffs... and even a volcano! Each level needs to be finished as fast as possible, while ennemies try to stop and destroy you : from the disposable basic knight, to the terrible Berserkers Women, Crazy Bombers, Laser Ninja... And even a Space Time wizard. Punch, grab, throw away, explode them, or roll away from enemies to cross the finish line faster! You decide. You'll also find trial levels for a higher challenge (get hit = you die.), and passive trinkets to unlock & boost your Golem!

Category: Pro, Junior
Platform: iOS, Android
Status: Released
Link: play.google.com

Outbox Games

We're a group of 26 yo french-belgian indies. We worked together for 18 months on a project which was never released in the end, due to a weak development, beginner's mistakes, and a too long time of realization. So when we had to decide what was next... We just started another one ! Completely different, arcade and instant fun, in the same crazy tale universe. Golem Rage was born ! We worked for 2 years remotely, with zero funding, and part-time. But we survived! We wanted to propose a full paid adventure, without freemium or ads, with an original gameplay for an hardcore arcade story! Hope you like it!

Country: France
Members: 8