Beyond Mankind: The Awakening

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Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is a single-player action RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It features an exciting main story and secondary quests that branch off the main events. You create your character and embark on a mission to help human civilization, which is currently exiled off-world. You will be part of H.O.P.E., an elite military unit at the vanguard of a war to recover Earth. You will start under the ruins of what once was the town of Avalon on the island of Santa Catalina. From there, you will embark on an epic journey that will test both your character and ability. As you play, you will face unexpected challenges with surprising solutions. Social interaction within the game is deep, and you will develop personality-based kinship, loyalty, and even romance with other characters.

Genres: Action, Role Playing
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Linux
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Brytenwalda Studios

Brytenwalda Studios is a small, innovative company that started out as a group of enthusiasts who had made an eponymous total conversion of the popular game, Mount&Blade. Meeting with success, they were given an opportunity for a commercial venture, the successful Viking Conquest.
Brytenwalda is a distributed company; its partners work out of countries from the United States to Denmark. As most live in Spain, we are organized and headquartered in Santander.
We use the following ingredients to make our games: A heavily narrative experience along a path of self-discovery. Non-trivial decisions; pros and cons over good and bad. Exploration of a world taken from history and/or the future that is now likely to be unfamiliar. High education value of entertainment (teachers have used our games). Copious in-game documentary support, both visual and textual, to increase immersion and credibility. Quality backed by responsive support


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