Apprentice Arriving

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Apprentice Arriving is a narrative-driven, 3D-Fantasy RPG played in 3rd-Person that combines modern gameplay with a never seen Retro-Flair! As RPGs typically have various character classes to choose from, this game will give you the opportunity to create your very own class by simply playing through the game. The game will use a system that remembers your preferred choices in battle, so that you improve your skills passively. You will have thousands of options to individualize your playstyle until you become a true master of it's kind.

Dive into the role of a sorcerer's disciple with superhuman strength. Along your way you will become the next magic apprentice. You fight fierceful enemies that will make the ground shake and encounter obstacles that challenge your physical and mental abilities. You will see powerful magic and use numerous skills performed with all kinds of swords to defeat the enemies in dynamic, action packed battles!

Genre: Action, Role Playing, Medieval
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early access
Year: 2020

Jewel Seeker Entertainment

We are a team of professional game developers who work with all our passion on Apprentice Arriving. Over time many highly skilled people have joined us from all over the world, willing to help to get this project going. We are known for having specialists in every field of expertise.

Together we are Jewel Seeker Entertainment and we are working to create a breathtaking fantasy rpg!

Country: Germany
Members: 20

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