Aurora: The Lost Medallion

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Aurora: The Lost Medallion is a hand-drawn point & click adventure inspired by classics of the genre. An epic coming-of-age tale of destiny, friendship, and discovery in a unique sci-fi world. Uncover the mysteries of your origins by exploring a unique world and solving devilish puzzles.

You are Aurora, the youngest inhabitant of the Cave. Raised by intelligent machines in a hidden world of technological wonders, a group of kids spend their days preparing for the mysterious "Pilgrimage", each guided by an equally mysterious voice. As the only child without a Voice to guide her, Aurora must challenge the rigid society of the Cave to gain the title of Pilgrim and embark on an adventure to answer the unsolved question of her origins.

Category: Pro
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Console
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2021

Noema Games

Country: Greece
Members: 8

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