Deadly Burrito

Game info

Jump into the craziest and most frenetic game ever made for Oculus Rift, and kill everything already dead in this colorful mexican adventure!

After suffering a sudden death when eating a very spicy burrito, you will wake up in the mexican underwold, where you will meet Catrina, goddess of Tierra de Muertos, and she will make you an offer that you could not decline: you will go back to life if you cross all the underworld defeating her servants.

Category: Hobby, Junior
Platforms: PC
Status: Early access
Year: 2018

Atomic Piñata

Atomic Piñata is a group of students from ESAT, the School of Art and Technology. It is formed by five programmers, three artist and two producers who, for now, have developed our original project, Deadly Burrito, a firts person shooter for Virtual Reality.

Country: Spain
Members: 10