Just, Bearly

Game info

A comedic story game played in vignettes, about feeling anxious as a bear in inner city Melbourne, Australia, and trying to connect to people none the less.

Click, pull, mash, and guide your way through an ever changing mix of dialogue choices, reaction challenges, dexterity tests, rhythm games and God only knows what else as you overthink and under-perform your way through every day life -- Striving towards greatness and being less of an awkward, anxious, crap.

Key features:

Vignette story telling
Very realistic simulations of awkward situations
Interactive panic attacks
Laugh-y bits
Cry-y bits
paper craft graphics
pretty ok original photography

Category: Hobby
Platforms: PC
Status: Released
Year: 2018
Link: danieljroberts.itch.io

Daniel J Roberts

Members: 1

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