Collect Bits!

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"Collect Bits!" is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game with just three simple commands: run, jump, and throw.
Professional cleaner Charo, with his robotic dog assistant Lucis by his side, will travel through mysterious towns to clean them up from the "fragments" that litter them.

The player will control Charo and try to clean up each town as best as they can within the time limit set by each mayor. The more fragments he gets, the better his score will be, and once he gets enough, he'll be able to move on to new towns—that is, to new levels.

All the towns are inhabited by unique and interesting enemies that try to hinder Charo's cleanup operations or that try to steal fragments from him.
In order to defeat them, the player can throw Lucis the dog at them. This will make them drop more fragments which are necessary to complete each level 100%.

There is a total of 24 levels, each with its unique atmosphere, creating a fascinating wrld reminiscent of a picture book that will be sure to draw the player in.

"Collect Bits!" will also be sure to entertain action-game lovers with its many secret routes, challenging jumps, and collectables spread throughout the levels!

Genre: Action
Players: Single player
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Released
Year: 2021


Country: Japan
Members: 5

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