Dark Fracture

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A first-person psychological horror experience in which you explore an ever-changing world where reality and nightmares collide. Walk on the edge of madness in the shoes of a "body farm" employee as you travel to an alien-like universe.

Set in the late 90s in a forested area of the Northeastern USA, Dark Fracture brings you into the eerie environment of a body farm - a decomposition research facility. You enter the world as Edward, a lonely individual tormented by a tragic past, whose only solace is in the medicine that helps him to get through the day. Edward is barely able to cope with his issues, which are only intensified by the solitude of his workplace. He puts on a brave front and dutifully wakes up for work every day. His routine serves as his only anchor, but deep inside, trouble is simmering...

One night, while working the dreaded midnight shift, a chain of disturbing events draws Edward ever closer to losing his sanity, as the very fabric of reality seems to unravel and twist around him. The comfort of his self-inflicted apathy is being pulled from under his feet, and the cruel hand of fate is once more nudging him towards disaster - one that threatens to engulf Edward's entire world in the shadows.

Is it merely Edward's mind playing tricks on him? Or perhaps there truly is something darker clawing at his heels, threatening to drag him into the depths? You need to figure it out and the choices you make will shape the results of his terrifying tale.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Adventure, Survival
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Playstation 4
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Status: Prototype, 2020
Game Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailers: youtube.com

Twisted II Studio

Twisted II Studio was established in mid-2019 with a vision to develop thrilling, high-quality horror video games that will do justice for the genre.

I decided to devote ourselves full-time to developing "Dark Fracture", a psychological horror game played in first-person.

I truly believe in Dark Fracture's potential to reach great success and plan on persevering till the final release.

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