Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo

Game info

An adventure and detective game for PC and Nintendo Switch planned to release in early 2024.

A dead snake with a heart of gold embarks on a journey to find his purpose in a world where the same day plays on loop. Meet many colorful characters with their own daily schedule, and help the souls in Limbo overcome the problems so that they can finally rest in peace.

Free demo available on Steam and Itch.io.

Genre: Adventure, Detective
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Nintendo Switch
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2021
Link: store.steampowered.com


We are a small video game studio founded in Illinois, USA, in 2014 by two Dominican brothers, Paulo Lara and Pavel Lara.

The team for this project consists of 3 people:A programmer, Pavel Lara, a visual artist, Paulo Lara, and a contracted audio composer, Zach Striefel.

Country: USA
Members: 3

Contest entries 2021

Pro PC Game of the Year
Pro Console Game of the Year

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