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PONGIS is an ultra-simple and fun ball game. Your Pongi will follow you wherever you tap on the screen. Double tapping will make your Pongi run faster. You can also swipe to move - your Pongi will go wherever you place your finger on the screen. You can pick to play with a team of your choice. Pick any English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, or Portuguese team. You can also choose one of 25 country teams and play your own little World Cup. With every match you play you earn Pongipoints. You earn 1 Pongipoint for each goal you score. You get 3 Pongipoints for match victories, 1 Pongipoint for draws, and 1 additional Pongipoint for each completed match. You can get extra Pongipoints for higher AI speed. You can earn badges for played matches, victories, and goals.

Category: Hobby
Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Status: Beta
Link: pongis.com

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