Swarm the City: Zombie Evolved

Game info

Dark fairy tale style zombie siege simulation RTS game

In this game, players will play as the king of zombies. Set up and train your own zombie army, and lead them to take over human cities. You will be able to vividly observe the spread of zombies in human cities, as well as the defense and resistance process of human cities.

In the game, you first need to observe the defense system and power layout of human cities, plan and choose the zombie ability evolution route and specific attack route. Next is to control the movement and formation of the zombie army according to the actual problem you face, and to cast the elite zombie ability at the right time to dismantle the human defense and counterattack, and finally capture the city.

The whole game is an revolutionary game experience through the zombie city confrontation simulation, player observation and decision-making control interaction.

Genre: Simulation, Strategy, RTS, Zombie, Casual
Players: Single player
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early access
Year: 2021
Link: store.steampowered.com

Magic Fuel Games

We are a devs team from Magic Fuel Games.

Our goal is to set foot in new gameplay ideas, new styles, and new technologies to satisfy players' demand in diversity and individuality. We hope what we do could bring joy to them with different surprises.

Swarm the City is our first single-player commercial game. It marks our first attempt to the single-player game market. The game has a demo on Steam already and will be released EA version on Sep 24th. We will keep updating and improving this game, so that the completed game version will be perfect in our players' eyes.

We aim to turn more good thoughts and ideas into reality.

Country: USA
Members: 25

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