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Winter is coming and the Hive needs resources. Become the Queens' champion collecting pollen against the clock, facing the environment and sabotaging the other players. A Party-Game to learn about many astounding details of the bees while having fun

A multiplayer experience that allows the players to learn about the hardships of the bees' life while having fun competing with each other in a platform + quiz gameplay format. With this game, we intend to raise awareness of the critical situation in which the bees find themselves, and how we can contribute with little (& big) changes to make it better for them.

- LEARN THROUGH PLAY: and quiz your knowledge of bee facts
- ENJOY MULTIPLE LEVELS: with different enviromental challenges being natural or human made
- PLAY LOCALLY: with up to 6 players, be it human or Artificial Intelligence
- 2 PEOPLE 1 KEYBAORD: get a friend and play together from the same PC, no extra controller needed
- PLAY ONLINE: creating a server and going up against people from all over the world
- CHOOSE YOUR BEE: select your character and become the queen's beloved champion!

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Educational, Platformer, Arcade
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer, Local multiplayer, Online Leaderboards, Player vs Player, Player vs Bots, Real-Time Multiplayer
Themes:Modern, Cute, Cartoon
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Status: Unreleased, 2024
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Croissant Cat Games

We are an independent videogame studio based in Barcelona, Spain with an international team developing games to allow you to learn new and interesting things while having fun.

Team Page:croissantcatgames

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