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Craftopia is the brand new multiplayer open-world survival action game. Chop trees and mine stones as in Sandbox; Explore the world as in Open-world; Fight the hunger as in Survival; Cultivate and harvest as in Farming; Collect loots in dungeons as in Hack-and-Slash; Automate production processes as in Factory management; Hunt monsters and creatures as in Hunting action; Cast magical spells as in Fantasy RPG. What if you could do all of this in a single game? Now you can do that in a utopia for all of us. That is called Craftopia.

Category: Pro
Genre: Action, Crafting, Simulation, Survival
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer
Platforms: PC
Status: Early access
Year: 2020


A game development team located in Tokyo. What would a game look like if we combine lots of the great video games together to develop one? Craftopia is the game where you can do anything you've ever dreamt.

Country: Japan
Members: 10

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