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Build the ultimate war machine in Battlecruisers, the awe-infested 2D real-time strategy game from New Zealand. The distinctive hand-drawn style proves that fun games can also be beautiful, with stunning skies providing the canvas for the explosive gameplay.

Orchestrate your own floating fortress and decide how to attack and defend against frigates, destroyers and bombers sent by enemy cruisers.

Reinforce your defence with shields and boosters and enhance your production speed with builder drones. Use creative strategies to lure your enemy into a tactical trap, and outmaneuvre them with fighters, gunships and fast attack boats. Your weaponry has awesome destructive power and includes death star satellites, nuclear rockets, long-range artillery, and an ever-expanding list of experimental ultra-weapons.

When the sea levels rose, the world divided. People now live on floating cities, competing for receding pockets of land, scorched barren by the ever heating climate. Enemies wage war with their immense floating fortresses: Battlecruisers.

Category: Hobby
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
Status: Unreleased
Year: 2020

Mecha Weka

Mecha Weka is New Zealand's 2nd largest Flightless bird-themed game studio :)

Country: New Zealand
Members: 2

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